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Found 12 results

  1. A map I recently made. https://gamebanana.com/maps/209220
  2. So I think we should remove arcade version 3 because we already have version 5 on and have both maps is unneeded for instance you can play the maps back to back and who wants that.
  3. I usually don't do Kz Climb updates on the forum but why not mix things up and show what Kz Climb is getting. So i just added 10 more maps to the mapcycle. So here is the maps i have added. All maps are Global. kz_conspiracy kz_hate kz_innit kz_luonto kz_megalodon kz_piranha kz_plains kz_prima kz_rcn_optimisery kz_rcn_impermanence Hope to see you all on the Kz Climb server. Merry Christmas!
  4. Hello! I have been playing Minigames for a solid week now and I would maybe like to give a few map/regular suggestions! Let us start with: MAPS: mg_pirates_b1 mg_just_multigames mg_mikis_multigames mg_sky_dust mg_emparlana_multigames_csgo_v1 mg_struses_games_csgo_v2_1 mg_copter_tower_v3_beta2 mg_yota_multigames mg_hype_fixed mg_viking_warfare_fix1 Above is a list of potential maps that can be tested for the MiniGames server. I have looked into all of them and I think if they are tested they will be put to go good use. Server: As far as the server I noticed just a few things that under consideration may or may not be fixed. - The random knife: On certain maps players are sometimes able to obtain a knife which is then used to kill others. Not all but few use it intentionally even after told not to. Not sure if this can be fixed! - !sm: !sm is a command you can use in text chat that you can mute people if you wish to not hear them. !sm stands for Self Mute and I think it will be very useful if someone finds another player either annoying or can be mic spamming when an SNG official is not currently on the server to mute them. - shop: This last suggestion is not something that would really bother me but since I know it is a thing I will address it. I think that having to be a certain rank to buy items like a model should not be there. I think certain models should be for VIP's but rather than that I think there should be player models for non-VIPs. No matter the price a player model for all would be nice. Thanks!: I would like to give thanks to everyone who took the time to read this! These are just somethings that I think can be implemented. Then again the server is fine the way it is but, I would really love to see some of these new maps listed above to come in. All can agree or disagree just give me friendly feedback EDIT: I will be adding to this if any of the community members or I bring up something valid to point out! Once again all feedback helps! warmpillows suck.
  5. Someone ?

    TTT Map's

    I think we should have a giant pole for all of the TTT maps. Let all player's vote on every map we have for TTT, and the leased voted on maps be taken out and replaced with new maps. Reason I say we should do this? There are a lot of maps for TTT that I have never even played that SNG has in que, and I've been playing TTT on sng for a year. Also, there are a tone of maps we hate, but somehow always end up playing. I think this could clean up the TTT server from old/ un-popular maps, and enhance the TTT server.
  6. Hello!! I am looking to get some of my maps added. I recently made a new map called dr_taiga_bunnybop and this map is my priority to get added. I made a pack of 3 maps. dr_taiga_bunnybop dr_taiga_weeaboo_v2 dr_taiga_weebRemake_v2 (there's a secondary version just in case the primary one doesn't work) http://www.mediafire.com/file/76ojwnkg5zapwap/dr_taiga+maps.zip http://www.mediafire.com/file/vrv9cvg1841v91v/NO+NUDES+PATCH.zip Two of these maps were attempted to be added in the past and failed. I got new version that work on other servers. If anything doesn't work, msg me on discord (Taiga#0433)
  7. Hi we are going to add some non global maps for the kz server and we are looking for map suggestions for maps we should add. If you have a map suggestion please put the name on the map and the link for it, so we know 100% its the right one you want.
  8. This will be about adding maps for the ScoutzKnivez Server. Okay, so many of you who play SK regularly may know that I've been slappin maps onto the server like nothing. If you have opinions on the new maps or suggestions that can be beneficial to the server, please say something. Hiding it or being afraid to speak up helps nobody including yourself. If you see a map that repeatedly gets RTV'd, TELL ME. If there is a bug or something that ruins the flow of SK, TELL ME. I feel that people aren't telling me their full opinion (which I want desperately). Even if you come to me and exclaim, "Tuba your map sucks! Take that shit out!", I'm fine with that, at least I get to hear your honest opinion. But be prepared to explain why you think so. I'm very aware that some of the maps I put in are different from the basic fws or evo lay out. I purposely choose to put them in because I constantly hear the same phrase, "Why is every map just a retexture?? This is dumb", which leads me to believe that the map pool needs to be spiced up. I already know some of you will immediately challenge my previous statement with something like... "But TUBBAAAA the mapsss are fiiinnneee. All you're doing is driving people away from the server!". You are correct, there's nothing wrong with the maps, but they are stale. I'm just adding maps to the queue, not replacing, chill. BUT, I don't quite understand how I can be driving people away from the server when all I'm doing is appealing to more. The population hasn't seemed to change at all either. I'm not trying to completely change the play style or SK in general, I just want new options. It isn't just me who thinks this. When a map is added and you immediately don't feel to great about it, play it for a game or so to see how you truly feel. Try to adapt. Maybe you'll end up liking it. There's just no need to scream in your mic or spam chat with, "RTV RTV ASS MAP ASSM Fnjnjbjbnrib!!". Don't be stubborn with new things, appreciate that someone is trying to make the server better. So I'm going back to the roots of SK and bringing back some of the notorious Source maps that are greatly liked overall (statistically). Surprisingly they are almost identical to the ones we have now, just variations. Thank you for reading this. I really didn't want it to seem like a rant but it kinda came out like that.
  9. So concerning the status of maps on the awp servers I think there are maps that were taken out that shouldn't have been (although that is just an opinion of mine), but besides that point I think we need to have at least 3-4 new well thought out maps for the awp servers that are approved by the community in some way, shape, or form, and decided by all staff necessary because I have been playing for a long time, and although buildings, snow, and fort are a ton of fun to play I really think there needs to be some more new maps coming in, here are some of the maps that I think could possibly work although I'm not a mapper so I may be wrong: 1. AWP map http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=588983641&searchtext=awp+map 2. de_CStraining http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=649525662&searchtext=balanced+map 3. bd_arena v17 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=675122864&searchtext=balanced+map (cut out the extra parts of the map 4. Project Aim http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=618792352&searchtext=balanced+map 5. Bhop Moonlight http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=790563664&searchtext=beautiful+map 6. gg_blue_cake http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=150648201&searchtext=beautiful+map (I really like this one, pretty simple but good) 7. Amorphous http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=251106230&searchtext=beautiful+map (this one is also different but I think it could work) I chose a variety of different maps, I really think they should be taken into consideration, but also edited based off of what is more objectively fair and balanced for the awp servers.
  10. Yuras Multigames on Minigames keeps crashing the server every time it is picked. I hope one of the mappers could fix this or remove the map overall. Thanks for reading this.
  11. Today I am pleased to announce that we have released yet another update to course. Map Related Changes: Fixed only having 2 spawn points mg_waytobar_course mg_labo_course_v2 mg_Nebo2_course mg_basement_course_final mg_rfix_saw64 Added/Fixed Zones mg_beastmario_course_v1 mg_nxr_course_csgo mg_simple_course_fixed_v1 mg_enw_course_v1 mg_damons_course_beta mg_course_ravine mg_balistic_course_v2 If you have problems with any other maps please contact me or @Charybdis. New Features: Removed !end !slayhypnos - So normal admins can slay me if i afk. (If any maps names have typos blame @Charybdis)
  12. I've been thinking on removing awp_dust and replacing it with a different map. What do you guys think? Poll will close on the 20th
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