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  1. I like both games equally, but I wanna see what you guys like more
  2. You waited for me to finally write this, here you go. Introducing! The Summer Heat Blessing Event Inspired by the DOTA 2's Battle Blessing's that are earned through leveling your battle pass / compendium, these mini-events replace anything I've done in the past (no more XP confusion or any of that) plus gives an equal chance to win something! What can you get from this? When the event starts, you can get the following: Store Credits (Contact me via forums if not on my friends list) CS:GO Skins (You must wait 1 week to receive said prize) or a CS:GO Key (your choice of key) ---- NOTE: Condition of skins WILL NOT BE BATTLE SCARRED OR WELL-WORN. Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Jackpots. The amounts can be found on my signature, but when the actual event starts, it'll also be updated on the home page. Respin Tokens (if you do not like your outcome and wish to try again) Is this hard to earn stuff? Nope. But, here is all you need to do! Complete Skynet Challenges on the SNG Servers. (Can be done on AU, SG, US or EU [when available]) There will be 1 for the following servers. Jailbreak Trouble in Terrorist Town AWP OR Scoutzknifez Multigames KZ-Climb OR Bunny Hop Deathrun These will not be revealed until the start of the event on July 27th. Make your own challenge - declare a game that you play and impress us (me included) with your feat! You can do 4 of those per event. This makes the overall maximum of attempts 10 per event. So this is supposed to remove the complicated stuff, right? Yes, it will. There won't be any Showdown Tickets or any of that crap. If you succeed, you get rewarded, so everybody wins! Will I do more of these events? I would love to first see what the community things about this first. But, if community feedback is great, I'll definitely do 2 or 3 per "Season" I serve under my name. (A season counts as when I transition between Flamewater and Frostwater), so every 6 months. Please comment if you are looking forward to this! I really thought this through over the last 3 weeks. Stay tuned for my 1100th post stuff, a total of 5 different things to talk about will happen! Enjoy your summer and stay safe, Skynet Players, Admins, Staff and everyone!
  3. I usually don't do Kz Climb updates on the forum but why not mix things up and show what Kz Climb is getting. So i just added 10 more maps to the mapcycle. So here is the maps i have added. All maps are Global. kz_conspiracy kz_hate kz_innit kz_luonto kz_megalodon kz_piranha kz_plains kz_prima kz_rcn_optimisery kz_rcn_impermanence Hope to see you all on the Kz Climb server. Merry Christmas!
  4. Hey so it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these right? Maybe we can change the frequency of these bhop updates for the better... Either way, at some point derp bought blacky’s remake of bTimes, bTimes 2.0, for the AU server and with plans to eventually transfer the NA server to it as well. I will say it is better than bTimes 1.8.3 when compared black and white, but there is a few things I don’t like about it that other people agree with me on. Until now, we have run rumour and I’s bTimes 1.8.3 csgo port, but the way that version of bTimes queries the database, it can cause ranks to essentially break after a certain point, which was the one major issue. About a few weeks ago, derp moved the NA server to the new timer and shit hit the fan quickly. It wasn’t really configured well and the fastdl url was set to the AU one and it has a different map cycle, etc. (AU server runs on 102.4 tick without movement unlocker so no prestrafe, so anyone who cares about their runs, you’re welcome.) I basically said my plan was to fix all the things that I don’t like in new bTimes 2.0 and have it ready to launch for Christmas and well here we are(I’m releasing it a few days early per request of a few people and I don’t want to have to put it up on Christmas)! I have a trello page for my continued plans for the bhop server, but as of right now I have fixed/added in things that blacky doesn’t have in 2.0 that I had in my port of 1.8.3 that i feel are necessary to have the server not feel like we got a downgrade to fix ranks... Some examples of these include, but are not limited to: !showtriggers Show Keys on the HUD, blacky has this on kawaii, his server, but the version he sends you when you buy it doesn’t ship with it. (Also his doesn’t show Jump/Duck, if you care about that) Prestrafe Color gradient on time while running map from green to yellow to red as you approach the wr time. SSJ I do have further plans for bhop, as i said before refer to my trello page I have linked at the bottom of this post. If there is things you think I’ve missed, feel free to add me on steam and tell me. If you add me please make sure to comment on my profile why so that I actually accept your request. Trello Page: https://trello.com/b/8sjqEhmW/sng-bhop A few notable things to look forward to in the future are: Constant replays of Normal Style. Change of font to the font I used on 1.8.3, unless you guys want this font instead. (Also if there are any typos, I apologize, I typed this on my phone...)
  5. xen


    Hi guys i am new to the sng forums but i have been playing the awp server for a month now and i wanted to let you guys know i am going to continue playing sng because i like it here and i hope to improve as a player and try to get involved with the community.
  6. What gaming PC should I get for Christmas or for my birthday??? Should I get a IBUYPOWER, Xidax, Ironside, digital storm, or Origin. Their all good custom build gaming PC websites. At least ever computer needs an 1070 ti or 1070 GC. Birthday; July, 29
  7. @chicken007 and I are discussing what to do with a guard that kills someone asking for a repeat, slay the guard, or the warden. What we would like to know is how JB players feel the guard should be punished. This will probably be the first of many posts, keep up with @chicken007 and I for more things we want input on for the new rules. @Amanda @Flowey @Roadkiller02 @Lex @Roadkiller02 @CountrySideDonkey @Bird @Official | Wolf @godface Please @ anyone you feel is a JB player that would want to add input to this post.
  8. Hello! I'm the new trial admin for SK, be sure to contact me on steam if you have any specific questions about SK or anything of the sort Special thanks to these amazing people for helping me get this far: @The Underused Character @forge @I'm Tuba @Pedro Deuces @Medusa @N!ck Love you all and thanks for all the support!
  9. Hello inhabitants of SkyNetGaming, Let me introduce myself, my name is David but I go through the in-game name of Nobody. I'm an aspiring bhopper, apprentice of jug or as you may know him as wonky_dicc_jug. I spend most my days hopping around and I must say it is time well spent. It's a fun way to relax after a long day of work and school and seeing yourself progress is what keeps you hooked. I'm a cool person to meet, and I like to have fun. I play an assortment of games. If you want to play feel free to add me and we will work things out. Thank you. -Nobody P.S. I am hot and single ready to mingle (I have a car).
  10. So I was thinking and I have been seeing a lot of giveaways recently so why not just make another section dedicated to people doing giveaways on the community board. This would be for everyone in general not privately like CPT Froggy's giveaway thread
  11. Lux

    Uh, hello...

    Hey I'm Lux, you might have seen the destroying you on the 1v1 arena server or last year on the death run server... I'm not new to SNG at all but I've never been on the forums. I really like your servers so I thought I'd get a little more active with the community. Anywayy, I'm a SEM but I'm very good (Just ask Silent even though he will probably say I'm shit). I like to play community servers and better my skills and stuff and play mm or faceit occasionally. And that's about it... well hi
  12. Seraph

    hi im new

    hey fags im new to theis shitty community and i hope to see you kids in game bye fags
  13. tooba

    Mentorship App.

    1. In game name - I'm Tuba 2. Steam ID - STEAM_0:1:85611366 3. What age are you - 15 4. What rank are you - Senior Admin 4. Reason why you think you will be a qualified mentor - I've mentored people before. I like to help around and assist people in any way I can. I especially love to meet new people and make my impression on them. I've been admin for a good amount of time and I feel I should help more. 6. What server's would you focus on to teach - AWP, SK, and 1v1
  14. tooba


    SO I've been promoted to Senior badmin. Good Luck dealing with your new Operator. He's boutta fuck shit up. Don't talk to me cuz I'm too cool for you. The quotes below were my first real motivation to be admin. Thanks Guardian for letting me prove you wrong and motivating me. -rep never usually helps new people on server, blatantly ignores them. Never Seen him on too much. only a few times since i have been admin. even tho near's banned, he was my nigga +1 Tuba is pretty much on jail break all the time he knows every single jail break rule and skynetgaming rule and he is more then capable of enforcing them. Like tuba stated jail break does have some issues late at night and seeing that he is on during that time he is definitely someone who can improve jail break late at night. Other than just being online and in the server tuba has a great personality and he is very easy to get along with so I think the jail break server and the community will be very supportive. Of all my time on the server I have had no complaints about tuba from anyone and I doubt I will ever hear of a complaint. GL with the application. Nah but forreal tho, I like talking to new people so come to me. Thank you, nerds @Charybdis k nerd
  15. This will be about adding maps for the ScoutzKnivez Server. Okay, so many of you who play SK regularly may know that I've been slappin maps onto the server like nothing. If you have opinions on the new maps or suggestions that can be beneficial to the server, please say something. Hiding it or being afraid to speak up helps nobody including yourself. If you see a map that repeatedly gets RTV'd, TELL ME. If there is a bug or something that ruins the flow of SK, TELL ME. I feel that people aren't telling me their full opinion (which I want desperately). Even if you come to me and exclaim, "Tuba your map sucks! Take that shit out!", I'm fine with that, at least I get to hear your honest opinion. But be prepared to explain why you think so. I'm very aware that some of the maps I put in are different from the basic fws or evo lay out. I purposely choose to put them in because I constantly hear the same phrase, "Why is every map just a retexture?? This is dumb", which leads me to believe that the map pool needs to be spiced up. I already know some of you will immediately challenge my previous statement with something like... "But TUBBAAAA the mapsss are fiiinnneee. All you're doing is driving people away from the server!". You are correct, there's nothing wrong with the maps, but they are stale. I'm just adding maps to the queue, not replacing, chill. BUT, I don't quite understand how I can be driving people away from the server when all I'm doing is appealing to more. The population hasn't seemed to change at all either. I'm not trying to completely change the play style or SK in general, I just want new options. It isn't just me who thinks this. When a map is added and you immediately don't feel to great about it, play it for a game or so to see how you truly feel. Try to adapt. Maybe you'll end up liking it. There's just no need to scream in your mic or spam chat with, "RTV RTV ASS MAP ASSM Fnjnjbjbnrib!!". Don't be stubborn with new things, appreciate that someone is trying to make the server better. So I'm going back to the roots of SK and bringing back some of the notorious Source maps that are greatly liked overall (statistically). Surprisingly they are almost identical to the ones we have now, just variations. Thank you for reading this. I really didn't want it to seem like a rant but it kinda came out like that.
  16. I. So, Jailbreak doesn't really have anything too Special about getting credits. We only have a couple methods of getting credits such as !bet, killing people, and getting credits for playing. I think that we should have more ways of getting credits such as Gambling. 1.) We could have a !coinflip system which would be a basic coinflip like 50/50 2.) We should have a !jackpot system where you would put credits in the jackpot and whoever puts more has a chance of winning. 3.) In addition I think it would be cool to have a item in the shop that you can buy that will give you higher chances in sertain jackpots like a extra 2% win chance if you pay like 8,000 credits something like that. II. I think adding new maps to Jailbreak would make a lot of more players join. Not saying we dont have enough players just it wouldn't be a bad thing. It is always the same maps everyday and I think that getting new maps might help that. Here are some maps that I think would be great to get - https://wiki.csgo-jailbreak.info/Jb_peanut_v3r http://gamebanana.com/maps/184618 http://gamebanana.com/maps/193424 http://gamebanana.com/maps/194386 Thank you for reading this hopefully these changes can be made @chicken007
  17. The reason I got into CS:GO is because of a GFL ZE server, it's the most populated server of all the community servers I've ever seen as its constantly 64/64 players full. SNG should have a ZE, Zombie Escape, because it's SUPER fun and easy to understand, even if you're new. How it works - BASIC Everybody spawns in as CT's at the beginning of the round A proportion of those CT's is transferred into T's AKA Zombies. The CT's have a few seconds to escape from spawn before the Zombies are released. The Zombies have an incredibly high amount of health and they only get pushed back from the CT's who are trying to get to the rendezvous point in the map, pausing at times obstacles etc. The CT's job is to PUSH BACK, not kill, the zombie and slowly tread to the rendezvous point. BASIC v2 When a Zombie knives a CT, the CT respawns at the nearest checkpoint that the Zombies have captured and then join the Zombie army trying to take over the CT's and stop them from getting to the Rendezvous point. More about the timed obstacles, CT's will be forced to freeze by either a wall that disappears after a certain time in the map, CT's need to defend themselves from the zombies until the obstacle breaks and then they move on throughout the map, doing small Courses, maybe even small Bhop courses. The Zombies also have speed to help against the CT's constant gunfire, the CT's don't run out of ammo and can choose their gun of liking at the start of the round. BASIC v3 Finally, at the end of the map, there's a boss battle where the CT's fire aimlessly at a huge monster, when the monster is killed, the CT's win the map. Every round a new level of the map is revealed, maybe popping up a few more timed obstacles, harder courses, more compact spaces. Irrelevant My favorite map is where the CT's are forced along the beach, timed obstacles stopping them and are forced to fend off the wave of T's following close behind. Then the CT's are forced onto a thin dock where if you fall off if possible are switched to the Zombie side. Pictures Boss battle, very purty. The Zombies are being released from the ship, this is another one of my favorite maps, the CT's are getting to land before the Zombies catch up.
  18. Sparkles

    Hey nigs

    Hey hey boys and girls, joined this commun for scout knives, bought vip now im here. Ex global coming back from a 6 month break and I just got my account back from my friend, hey.
  19. Hello members of SNG, @garree and I were talking and Garree claims that TatorTot is a cuter name than Meow. Since my name is Tatyana, TatorTot is a better choice yet I've been meow for so long that I don't want to change it. It would be an interesting change but I feel meow fits me better So which do you guys think is better?
  20. Yato

    Player Model

    Hi, i would just like to ask if there would ever be a possibility to add a Rem playermodel on the deathrun server. Would REALLY appreciate it.
  21. HEY! I am Chase and I am your New Deathrun Super Admin! I am from Dallas, Texas and like football. I have been playing on SNG for at least a year and a half. I enjoy video editing and graphic art! I hope to see you all on the servers!
  22. I have a new server idea for SNG. Well today I was just browsing through random community servers and I stumbled across something called TTT (trouble in terrorist town). Its hard to fully explain how to play but its basically a game where there are traitors, innocents and detectives. Traitors try to kill everyone besides other traitors, detectives use zeuses to see who is a traitor or innocent, and innocents just protect themselves from traitors. This is a fun game that I played for about 5 hours earlier. I think if SNG had it it would be a better experience and also the community would some what know each other from other servers. Overall I think this would be an amazing idea for a new server in SNG.
  23. ??????- ? ?? ????????? ???????? ?? ? ????? ??????? ??? ???????? ?? ???? ?? ???????????? ??????????? (???????? ???? ???? ???? ??? ??????).????????- ????????, ? ?? ??????? ?? ???? ?:???? ?? ??:????.???????????- ?'? ??? ?'? ???? ??? ???? ???? ???? ?? ??? ???? ?? ???? ?? ??? ????'? ??? ????????.???????- ? ??????? ???? ????????? ?????? ??? ???????? ?? ??? ??????? ????????. ? ???? ???? ?? ????? ??'?/???????.
  24. Hey guys so today we have released our new Retakes server! Feel free to join at
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