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Found 9 results

  1. Player Name wooper Steam ID STEAM_0:1:215272159 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/plsnoddosihavenofamilyxd Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 21 Why would you be a good Operator? Due to my years of playing the SNG deathrun server, my willingness to stay with the community through my discord ban and me still wanting to see deathrun in its former glory I feel I am still a good candidate for the operator spot for deathrun. I do however feel my activity has been an issue, but in response, with the latest changes I do i
  2. This is very sudden but needed. Seeing as Iu9 Zone and Hydrogen have all resigned, a new Deathrun operator has to step up for the position. They're absolutely right as well, Deathrun at the moment is dead and needs to be revived, meaning some changes have to be made. I know I'm not even off of probation, but I believe it should still be considered. In Game Name: 「§NG」wooper Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:215272159 Server You Are Applying For (Must be server you are currently Super Admin For): Deathrun Do you agree to equip the 「§NG」| tag if accepted?: lol yeah List below reasons
  3. Alright, so as many of the West players may know that I probably am on the server more than anybody so I have the opportunity of analyzing it more than anyone else. This has been the case for at least the past 6-7 weeks. However it has come to my attention that it is down way too often, especially compared to East. I know Death is a great operator, he is really kind and diligent, however someone with more expertise (*cough* Mr.Derp) should do something about the ridiculous amounts of problems. To help out the case, here is a list of things: - Deagle round: a) deagles aren't shooting the
  4. If you don't already know me, my name is Tully, I have recently been promoted from a course super admin to the operator of our very own West coast AWP server, I am a (self appointed) veteran of the awp server, I've been part of this holy massacre of double jumps and towers for a little over a year and plan to continue this streak until me or my computer finally overdoses on csgo (hopefully no time soon). I can't wait to help out the awp server(s) as much as possible, especially in the map portion, and am truly excited becoming the new operator of AWP West #W E S T C O A S T B
  5. In game name- TullyKrieger SteamId- STEAM_0:1:27933740 Position you are applying for- Operator Server you are applying for- AWP West Do you agree to equip the 「§NG」| tag if accepted?- Already have it. Reason why you feel you deserve the position- I am currently one of the course super admins, I love course, but have sadly grown tired of it, the strong "cancer" of course slowly sucks the life out of any super or operator on course, that is, besides Risky Feat. I greatly miss my days back on the AWP servers, and would like to try to help the server ive been apart of for
  6. I feel like i just wrote my super admin intro but it seems now I'm doing my course operator intro. I have a lot of things planned for course. . I would like to think i managed to revive and help the community grow a lot during my time here. I am currently working on adding new maps and have a lot of cool new ideas I'm going to try and implement. Essentially, as operator im doing the same thing i was doing previously but now im obligated to do it! Feel free to stop by course at any time! i wanted to write an essay for an intro but sadly i have another 2 assignments that take priority. Have a ni
  7. Hey guys what's up, I hope you all of you enjoy the constant flow of new members since !ws and !knife was added. Yaaayyy Squeakers!! But serious talk... You may not have known that the previous operator of the ScoutzKnives server has resigned for his own reasons. He was a great a guy and always will be; Excelling at his job and helping anyone who needed it. We'll miss you man <3 So I have been promoted to be the Operator for the ScoutzKnivez Server. I'm VERY excited for this position and ready to get to work on the server as soon as possible. I will be open to requests or ideas
  8. Hello everyone! I'm very glad to announce that I have been promoted to the east coast operator from super admin! I'm really proud of myself to have gotten this far, thanks to everyone who believed in me and pushed me to go farther. I'll do my best. Thanks again, I appreciate this so much. See you on the awp server.
  9. Hey whats up guys Scarce here, and today we have a new video we have a TON of fucking news today, probably going to be a double upload so watch out for that. the first story we have comes from a csgo surfer known as RELO, this guy is a surf Operator, and it turns out that he is actually retiring, that is fucking crazy man I never thought that RELO would retire but turns out that he is. I tried contacting him to get his response but no word from him yet. And for our next story for the day it comes from another CSGO player known as CarrotBox. Well yesterday he tweeted "operating today" that is