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Found 10 results

  1. Alright, A player that frequents the servers (Mystogan), has been openly racist and sometimes homophobic on the servers, most of the time on TTT and Deathrun, even other players and I have tried to get him to shut up he keeps typing racial and homophobic slurs. According to mystogan, being racist isn't against the rules but being toxic is, how can I be muted for toxicity but he is able to be blatantly racist, why can't I play sounds on my fucking sounboard but he can say racial slurs, why don't the admins do anything against him but are quick to jump on people like me with soundboards? Is racism against the rules or not?
  2. zENJA

    Good Rules!

    Hey everyone, I'm new here. And so far the TTT server im playing is pretty sick. People aren't mic spamming nor do they just RDM. I have been looking for a good server for a long time. And I have to say this server and rules are so refreshing! Thank you to the dudes and gals who put this community together!
  3. faux


    Just to clarify, if a new rule is not in this thread, then it shouldn't be followed on the server until it gets updated. You can't expect players to find specific rules scattered in different threads when people don't tell them to go on the forums to access the rules but by doing !tttrules. I understand that Erik can't update the thread himself but this causes confusion between the players and admins who are playing on the server. @iCamp explained this to those who were on the server earlier and it would be nice if everyone saw this.
  4. If your new to jailbreak on sng ill be telling you want to do. First there a warden thats blue and that blue warden will give order and you can follow the orders or you can REBEL so that mean to not follow and try to kill all the ct, if you dont want to rebel anymore was the warden in voice chat or text chat for a pardon dont mic spam tho in voice chat or you'll get MUTED. if you want to play on ct do !rules and it will tell you there. There no AFK freeze on sng. ADMINS: Conutry, Lex, Flowey, Dan, Wolf, and Admana
  5. Please provide the following 1:Neo Son 2: Steam url=http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198045971978 Steam id=STEAM_0:0:42853125 Steamid3= [U:1:85706250] Steamid64=76561198045971978 3: Attempt to freekill attempt to last ct when 2nd to last ct slayed false orders multiple rule breaking screaming into microphone excessive call of freeday cancer.dem
  6. @chicken007 and I are discussing what to do with a guard that kills someone asking for a repeat, slay the guard, or the warden. What we would like to know is how JB players feel the guard should be punished. This will probably be the first of many posts, keep up with @chicken007 and I for more things we want input on for the new rules. @Amanda @Flowey @Roadkiller02 @Lex @Roadkiller02 @CountrySideDonkey @Bird @Official | Wolf @godface Please @ anyone you feel is a JB player that would want to add input to this post.
  7. I'm not sure about this but I think on the map fws there is a rule that says no camping and still do so...
  8. Whenever I look through the SNG forum ban appeals (something I do to pass time.) I see that a good portion of them are usually attributed to "I didn't know the rules" or " I didn't know we couldn't do that". I propose that we should make it to where the servers do more of a job to encourage looking at the rules by offering more links to the server rules forums and maybe as a incentive adding a maybe 100 Credit reward for the first time so everyone would want to go check out the rules. I feel doing this would make rule breaking a little less of a problem since everyone would have to intentionally ignore the rules making it them not able to use that excuse anymore. If anyone has any suggestions as to improve this suggestion or just wants to throw a "Constructive opinion" please message below. The point of this post is just mainly to help enforce reading the rules to prevent unnecessary punishments such as gags, mutes, or bans. I Don't see that on Minigames that are I don't look at them but with Minigames thankfully the rules are just common sense although people their are still dumb enough to antagonize admins :/.
  9. Hey guys I have join SNG servers about a month or two, and since my incorporate fellow users have been vote kicking me and vote banning me for myself informing the rules to others who broke the rules or just needed a friendly reminder. Since I have been doing this I have been getting of questionable hatred towards me. I won't be throwing anyone under the bus on the forums but personally I will tell you who these people are if you message me on steam and I feel suitable to tell you. For example today this SNG player (won't be naming) was playing music thru a program named HLDJ he got muted but for me saying to mute him two SNG players (everyone liked them) said to vote kick me just for informing the rules so I gave it like 10 minutes before returning and this one particular kid (not naming) was calling me names when I was just trying to keep the server chill. So when I asked anyone liked this rapper/singer Post Malone he told me to shut up and few other in needed comments so at this point I was thinking he was either a toxic kid or he was having a bad day and I was part of the reason with it. Also my last factor of this complaint is that these two players are friends. Any admins need their name or steam id just steam message me because I don't feel suitable to post it here and get even more hatred then I have been getting. ( I have zero mutes or gags ) but I have maybe one or two mistakes I have done in the past. Thanks in advance
  10. Last night Aznstyles got on the surf server and flaunted his amazing singing prowess. A lot of admins were on including icamp. I'm confused about the rules because it has been made very clear to me that singing/beat-boxing is considered mic spam and is a mutable offense. I am asking for clarification on the rules because I try to help prevent people from being muted and don't know how to help if I don't know the correct rules. Thanks, Screem

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