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Found 3 results

  1. Don't click on these he wants your items just be careful i feel like i shouldn't have tell people this but like 20 people in my friends list has fallen for it... -.Fate
  2. Lets Start Off Simple So many of you may be into the SNG deathrun server which is my personal favorite server by SNG. SNG by far is one of my favorite server hosts as it allows custom sprays, VIP exclusive items, and items such as masks, hats, and characters you can unlock instead of the old boring Counter Terrorist-Terrorist clothing. It offers refreshment away from competitive game play that overall lets you have fun and enjoy yourself. But recently as I have been on the deathrun server for over a week and a half, I have noticed a specific player threaten specific things from other people. So, there is a rumor going around that WONTON, scammed people for their hyperbeast and other weapons. While I do not have any factual evidence to provide that I have exclusive photos of Wonton reading off someones IP. This may be fake or it may not. No one was recording at the time so no one has him saying he was going to DOX us. But we have photos (and 15 witnesses) that proove wonton did in fact read off an IP. So an admin by the the name of Iu9 comes in. IDK if he got the photo but all 15 people in the lobby even stated Wonton threatened to DOX us and read off an Internet Protocol (IP). He said even if we had 15 witnesses it was not enough and we have to have actual photos, Video, and audio recording of the actual threat and not the IP. Which I was fine with. But Then It Became A Problem Trying to ignore the situation to the best of my abilities. I continued having fun and playing on the Deathrun server. Next thing you know I was kicked from the server. I tried joining back but I was banned for 2 days. Apparently I was banned for "abusing the vote ban system" as we voted to ban him for threatening a DOX. Here is the thing though, no admins were on when I was vote banning someone. And little did I know the main antagonist in this thread "Wonton" had told an admin that I was PAYING PEOPLE to vote ban him. Which was not the case because I even had witnesses (tnr, tinkersoup, BorderPatrol) say I was not abusing the vote ban system but they did not revoke the ban anyway. The Main Problem So if you want someone banned for something like that or something other. You need proof. But how in the absolute world did ANY ADMIN WHO WAS NOT ON AT THE TIME having proof or "false proof" that I was paying people to ban him. So apparently you need proof for a DOX threat even though there are 15 witnesses. But you do not need proof and no witnesses to ban me for abusing the voteban system. Its blatantly obvious Won has inside connections. him banning me without evidence or proof I did anything, yet we have witnesses that he threatened a DOX and still I am the one to get banned? Admins are abusive with powers like this as they are abusing the system with inside connections for false bans. This needs to be dealt with and Wonton needs to get banned permanently if not a week for a DOX threat with witnesses. Thank you for reading and please do something about this issue
  3. Admin it's ok if you can't actually do anything about this but i mostly wanted to post this to warn the people that play on death run. A while ago, i posted about how a dude named Retro who scammed me of a couple skins from CSGO, and he has returned with the new name Wonton. I was able to find this out because he still owns my skins. Here is the link to my old post with some proof, And here is some present day proof.
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