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Main SNG Server

Found 25 results

  1. Lately I Been playing in the KZ server, but I can't beat a y map or even pass a single stage :( Any advices to get better???
  2. Hi I'm Satu but a-lot of people who know me call me Connie. I've been playing SNG for about 2 months, and I just found out about the SNG Forums so I came here and gave it a try. I like playing SNG because most of my friends play here since they left TWW. (Tango World Wide) The games that I like to play on SNG or mostly surf and JB. I mostly rebel than actually follow orders since I get bored most of the time. I like listening to music, the music I listen to is chill lo-fi music, and my brother actually produces it on soundcloud. (synamane <-- if you're interested) Thank you, and have a good time!
  3. Alright, so as many of the West players may know that I probably am on the server more than anybody so I have the opportunity of analyzing it more than anyone else. This has been the case for at least the past 6-7 weeks. However it has come to my attention that it is down way too often, especially compared to East. I know Death is a great operator, he is really kind and diligent, however someone with more expertise (*cough* Mr.Derp) should do something about the ridiculous amounts of problems. To help out the case, here is a list of things: - Deagle round: a) deagles aren't shooting the proper "awp deagle" way. b.) some players spawn with awp(s). - Scout round: some players spawn with AWPS instead of scours (thank you for correcting me Champion) - Player count: when the server reaches a certain amount of players, it will do a really weird thing, every once in a while. If the server can't find a place for a player to spawn, it ends up spawning them on the opposite side... or the other variant that occurs is: a CT will spawn in CT territory with a T player model or vice versa. Which is a huge advantage to that player and obviously unfair. - Server Uptime: seriously the server is down like 5-6 hrs out of the day, 2-3 times a week. (Not blaming it on Death) - Point system: I know it belongs to gameme and their plugin is really cool. (nobody can reset their points on their own... thank you bb's) However the plugin is very unpredictable and experiences late starts, no starts, and/or randomly turning on and off, despite player count. (Yes minimum players req: 6. However the plugin itself glitches out, however it turns on/off with way more players than 6 on) P.S. iCamp, you should update your post "AWP - West Discussions"... since Tully is no longer OP Thank You, Й
  4. Since the dawn of man he had one need... to communicate (and build walls) But since language was a difficult task to master he resorted to drawing stories on cave walls to communicate his adventure to others....... THIS...... Was the beginning of the meme. Since that time man has evolved into an advanced creature, capable of creating or destroying worlds at the flick of the wrist (except north korea) and with our knowledge evolving, so does our memes. Through facebook and reddit we have changed our social construct... our way of thinking. We have barely grown in the scope of the universe but to us, we have come so far. Our memes have grown into words that can describe a situation, a feeling or an understanding, and they are able to do this in a short sentence or picture. As i sit here contemplating life, i have time to think..... what would life be without the tranny... would things be different? would the teletubbies be different colors? could cookie monster have invented facebook? or would the cool aid man be railing lines of coke. The answers to these questions may never be known. but as for me, i have grown a new understanding of the truest of memes.. I HAVE BEEN TO THE OTHER SIDE!! i have seen incredible things! but i cant share these experiences because Alass! in front of me lies the connection... the truest of love's... the artery to the memes of the universe. strewn about like a little kids broken lego set and i weep.. i weep.. Bottom line Waddup Everyone! This was a meme and if you actually read it, cool, i thought it was a funny stream of consciousness. But anyway, long story short, i got a job (its taking up a lot of my time), my pc hit 110*c so im waiting on my new cooler to come in via coolermaster. (they take forever) I plan on getting back on once i can re assemble my pc and have it work properly. Also i need to buy need headphones but money...... but it shouldn't be too long. and yes the rumors are true, i was in dat penthouse on snapchat (best night of my life) and no, i am not dead. In the mean time you will be able to find me via snapchat. samshaffer6 or on teamspeak whenever i can get on.... given that my laptop wont be a whore. The memes will return! Ive actually missed you all and saw that you still remembered me and i thought that that was really nice. well not to drone on to long like the trannys shlong, Peace! and thank you all!!!
  5. I felt like SNG was dying there for a while. Every server I joined started to only have up to about 10 people in it. I'm really only a Deathrun and TTT player, so I can't speak for the other server's, but it's been getting pretty popular again lately and it's awesome. Every server seems to have around 25 people in it and it makes it enjoyable. I don't know if more SNG advertisement has been going on, but Iv'e noticed a lot of new players. What ever it is the Staff and members of SNG are doing, keep doing it, cause these servers are alive and growing. I don't think I have to tell ya'll that, but SNG is the best servers frfr. <3
  6. If your new to jailbreak on sng ill be telling you want to do. First there a warden thats blue and that blue warden will give order and you can follow the orders or you can REBEL so that mean to not follow and try to kill all the ct, if you dont want to rebel anymore was the warden in voice chat or text chat for a pardon dont mic spam tho in voice chat or you'll get MUTED. if you want to play on ct do !rules and it will tell you there. There no AFK freeze on sng. ADMINS: Conutry, Lex, Flowey, Dan, Wolf, and Admana
  7. Evolve

    Rust sng server

    Hey, first of all I don't suspect anyone to agree with this just putting it out there that a sng server on rust would be a pretty cool thing to happen in the sng community, I have co-created a rust server before so I could help the general server modders if needed just thinking it may be an idea on the whole expanding to other games like the minecraft server that may come out here soon.
  8. Yato

    PUBG Tournament?!

    So i tought it might be cool/fun if we did a SNG Player Unknown Battle Ground tournament. I dont know about the format either solos, duo squad or fives right now its just an idea, so il leave it up to the community to see what you guys think and if enough ppl like the idea maybe it could be done. Write in the comment if you think it sound cool and would like to play, also the format you would lke to see. Tagging the woman of charge at the event team @Almond
  9. Well, I've been on SNG since last year, and I believe I have about 700/1400 hours on the servers. How many do you guys think you have?
  10. So as of many of you know I left this community for many reasons. One of which was that I was offered a Higher rank in a different community. Well me being not too smart I left to join the other community thinking it would be cool and such. But honestly I have been thinking about this and to be honest I would like to come back if you guys accept me back. I really do miss this community and the people in it. Many people have been influencing me to join back to this community and honestly I want too. If you guys would accept me back I would be really happy. And I truly am sorry for lying on the post saying I'm going to focus on school which isn't wrong it just wasn't a valid reason for me to leave the community. I only did that because I was too afraid to see what would happen if I were to say I'm going to a different community. I will be starting to be extremely active on the forums and on the servers once again. I'm going to make another appreciation post like the one I made when I left. (It's in no specific order) @Pedro Deuces Hopefully you still think I am a cool guy even though I basically left. You were a really cool dude hopefully we can be closer friends you still are somebody I look up too and somebody who is an amazing person. @KingjiN Man... you are a great person and like I said on my last post every time you gave me a little compliment it would make me feel really good <3 @Vee Holy shit dude. We have been friends for such a long time and honestly one of the reasons I wanna come back is because of you and how fun you are to play with and especially all the memories we have had. You truly are a great friend. @chicken007 You are great at what you do for jailbreak and you are a great mentor/role model. @Sleepy We have had our ups and downs but I really would like us to become closer friends. @iCamp like I said on my last post you created a great community and hopefully it can become a greater community then it already is. @Mr.Derp You do a insane amount of work for this community and I highly respect you for what you do. @lymbo With the few occurrences I have been with you, you are a really funny and a uplifting person to be around with. @Ayuminao Back when I used to play Minigames with you it was a great time, you are like a brother to me. @Waldhoe I remember back when you were a super admin (before you resigned not right now) you were a amazing role model and were one of the best admins I have ever met. I'm really happy you are a super admin again @Mango @Tittbutts McLairne @The Underused Character @rIKA @Almond @Colours @Lucifer @Hunter @Blur @Crimson_Reaper @fern @forge @I'm Tuba @LAWL @RedFlubber @thyme You guys are a amazing staff team and I really hope I can get to know some of you better then I do! Thank you all so much for all you have done. Sincerely, Alex
  11. Ozzy


    Hey I'm Ozzy From the West Coast Awp server and I want to be apart of the forums I've been playing since 06/29/16 and I am 16 years old and have a pet goldfish named "Lion" I am currently unemployed but hopefully one day I'll start my own business and still remember my SNG family. <3 Referred by King Louie
  12. Ayto

    Good Luck SNG!

    I wanted to say good luck to SNG in the Overwatch Extravaganza. Update: SNG made it to the semifinals against EGO. That match is tomorrow along with all the Losers bracket matches. Here's the direct link to the stream and I think ICamp set up a stream on the homepage. https://www.twitch.tv/ongames Here's the player's bracket. SNG is going up against SeriousGmod in our first match. https://gyazo.com/1aa718da0dfa69a9a30085976a53a745 Our SNG team - @Boppin, @Rhib, @Invena, @Problems, @Riporter, @Duckeeh WIN/LOSSES HG vs. PG (Round 1) EGO vs. GFL (Round 1) ADK vs. TWW (Round 1) SKYNETGAMING vs. SGM (Round 1) EGO vs. HG (Round 2) SKYNET GAMING vs. ADK (Round 2) SKYNET GAMING vs. EGO (Round 3 Semi-Finals) LOSERS BRACKET WIN/LOSSES SMG vs. TWW (Round 1) GFL vs. PG (Round 1) HG vs. SGM (Round 2) GFL vs. ADK (Round 2) HG vs. GFL (Round 3) EG vs. HG (Round 3 Semi-Finals) FINALS SKYNET GAMING vs. EG (FINALS) Congrats and good job to the SNG team and SNG community for this fantastic win! #BoppinOnTop
  13. I personally think it'd be beneficial to add a second West Coast AWP Server to SNG. If revenue that was being brought it was at a substantial amount, I think a lot of the players would really enjoy it. Being a frequent player on the West Coast AWP Server, I usually have to deal with a decent drop in framerate due to the large amount of players on during the mid day rush. The only real time I can actually player decently is at night when there is mabye 10-15 people at most on. Fill Free to drop your opinion below, I'd like to hear what you guys think.
  14. Hi my names Jordan. 18 years old, Currently Living in Oregon, I've been playing on SNG's West Coast AWP Server for almost 2 years I think. I have almost 1000 Hours on CSGO, On CounterStrike for the Original XBOX, I have probably close to 5000 hours total. haha haven't touched that game in forever. In my freetime I enjoy making YouTUBE videos, and doing outdoor stuff. ~Fill Free to add me if you wanna que up. I'm only a silver 1 on this account due to the fact that I quit playing for around 6 months, but I still got skillzzzzz "you know what im sayin" lmao Some of my Favorite Current artists are: TeamSESH (Bones), Xavier Wulf, Eddy Baker, Chris Travis, XXXtentacion, Craig XEN, Pouya ( $uicideboy$ a bit) & chilly sosa.
  15. I think a lot of players would really like this feature, Plus it could drive more revenue. Fill Free to comment your opinion
  16. How many people just hate the squeakers that you find on servers? Before I get bombarded with hate when I use the term squeaker I mean as in the person who does have a high pitch voice but just never stops ranting on the server, thinks he is above everyone else, and is just throwing insults at everyone else as If everyone is below him. They really just make me mad for more reason then one which I will explain. For one saying someone's skill level is below yours to put it nicely just because you are doing better in say MINIGAMES doesn't mean that you can talk trash about it. Another reason is that their voice to me is just naturally aggravating at least when on SNG most of the times. As to whether or not I'm prejudice against people younger than me I would say not because I have many friends that are younger than me, but my point still stands with what I said about squeakers. Anyway yea thanks if you actually read the entire post and comment what you think about this problem.
  17. ??????- ? ?? ????????? ???????? ?? ? ????? ??????? ??? ???????? ?? ???? ?? ???????????? ??????????? (???????? ???? ???? ???? ??? ??????).????????- ????????, ? ?? ??????? ?? ???? ?:???? ?? ??:????.???????????- ?'? ??? ?'? ???? ??? ???? ???? ???? ?? ??? ???? ?? ???? ?? ??? ????'? ??? ????????.???????- ? ??????? ???? ????????? ?????? ??? ???????? ?? ??? ??????? ????????. ? ???? ???? ?? ????? ??'?/???????.
  18. forge

    SNG 2016

    Hello all it's your favorite shitposter I wanted to make a post dedicated to the SNG experience in 2016. I must say it was a pretty good one, besides all the times I got banned, flamed, kicked, memed, tina'd, molested... nvm maybe not so good ANYWAYS I MADE A SMALL LIST OF SOME HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS YEAR FROM MY PERSPECTIVE. ENJOY (^: p.s if this post gets 50 LIKES I will post a video on the forums of me jumping into snow with just shorts on The retirement of @LoXyGG #DeaD @Zombie Stalker @Pandark @Blur @Burst @sly and many more R.I.P @trey1337 @ChewieChewChew ;-; The departure of legendary edge lords @FazeSanta21 @Dolan @jakeY (thank you for your service) Goodbye to @Yankeefan1226 bhopped his way to a perm ban @tinathebattle for nudes Introduction of SNG | Sodality and senior admins bhop server and kz server 6.5k+ members in the SNG steam group, holy shit New forums The awesome tournaments Central AWP server moving to East. #ripCentral Gmod server @randy25m AND SO MUCH MORE! I will keep editing and adding to this list. Post what you thought was a highlight this year on SNG! Thank you for an AMAZING year SNG, hope to stick around for a while. Hopefully 2017 will be even better! love, forge
  19. (No names will be mentioned in this post unless needed, i am pointing out a major flaw in the SNG community currently is all, if names are required please contact me.) Hello there fellow players and SNG staff. Id like to point out the topic of how irresponsible, rude, and crude some SNG admins have become towards the people who try and partake in playing on the SNG servers. This includes constant threats to players that aren't even reasonable half the time, ignoring blatant racism (Ex. One play saying "Nigger" CONSTANTLY while admins are on) just because he for some reason is not affected by the SNG rules by other players, and the constant threats turning into harassment. Imagine, joining into a SNG server, ready to have fun, play with friends, pass some friendly smack talk around, and then an admin appears, you greet the admin and ask them how their day is. You are rudely ignored, not once but twice, without a reason or a simple "Id rather not be talked to right now". Moving on, you continue playing with your friends, you pass some friendly smack talk (Yes everyone does it now a days, don't even try and deny it) and this admin who decided to ignore you, suddenly threatens you for "toxicity" towards another player whom you are friends with or well acquainted with. You explain it is your friend and are just passing around some friendly smack talk, the admin continues to threaten you. Eventually he uses his powers to mute you without listening to reason, and punishes you for being "toxic" when he is being quite toxic himself. Hmmm this doesn't seem right huh. Continuing on. Place yourself in an average players computer chair, playing on a SNG server when a player connects and the first words spoken to the other players on the server is "Whats up niggers". Surely you misheard him right? You say "What did you say?" and he again says "I said hey you nigger." to not only one player but multiple players and including an admin. You sit there thinking to yourself "Oh hes gonna get it now, that's blatant racism, and admin disrespect!". You sit there, and wait, and wait, and continue waiting. This player is not punished since the SNG rules do not apply to him apparently and the admin sits there ignoring the player as he continues to spew racial slurs into the server multiple times, in different volumes including a volume considered as mic spam. So what do you do? You try calling ANOTHER admin, but guess what, that admin does not care either! Yet when some one asks "Why the fuck is he not punished" the admins don't just ignore your question BUT also threatens you for disrespect while the player spewing racial slurs says in the background "Its because i have privilege nigger!". Then you are punished with either warnings, a temp. mute, or even kicked/banned for a period of time. Wheres the justice in this? Not ONLY did you ignore blatant racism, disrespect, toxicity, mic spam, and admin disrespect, you punished a player just trying to play on the server. Why? This last complaint comes from me personally. There is this admin on a certain SNG server that has constantly threatened to punish me over the smallest of things, taking EVERYTHING that ANYONE says to heart and how you say "does not have ANY chill". He has continuously done this ever since i have started playing on such server and jumps at the chance to punish/threaten me for anything. Taking OBVIOUS sarcasm to heart and threatening me for it, for who knows what reason. Reasons could include, personal gain, to make himself feel better, assert dominance, and/or possibly more. Listen i'm not trying to get peoples positions taken away here, i'm only trying to point out some major errors i've seen in moderation in SNG server(s). I'm only asking for people to realize that people come to SNG servers to HAVE FUN, not be threatened, ignored, or harassed. These flaws could lead to difficulties, such us turning players away from the SNG community. So if this could please be addressed that would be amazing and a great help in continuing SNG's movement forward into a more positive future! -Sincerely Lunar Red P.S. I am not a retard Sora. >:(
  20. Saw SJP's post about movies and I was putting together tracks for the SNG streams so I got curious. Go ahead and put some sickly tracks down below and I might put them in the stream depending on how dank it might be. SNG Playlist:
  21. I have made a map for the SNG awp east server i have let many from the server test it and they seem to like it I would like the map to be implemented. If you want more maps just message me and friend me, I take suggestions. The map is attached with a radar. Awp_Blockage_SNG_V2.bsp Awp_Blockage_SNG_V2.txt Awp_Blockage_SNG_V2_radar.dds
  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wafh1FFdmOc Tell me what you guys think about me using this on sng maps, and in my own personal projects.
  23. Please provide the following 1: Manuel 2: STEAM_1:1:90099345 3: Hunter 4: For asking Questions about the rules 5: 30 Mins 5: I feel i shouldn't be muted for asking questions Use this format when you appeal.

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