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Found 9 results

  1. With it being my birthday recently i decided to get a Nintendo Switch Lite, and, was wondering what games are good and which games to get/avoid. Any advice, tips, thoughts and suggestion are will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Two of my favorite maps are mg_yotagames and mg_hype_multigames. Both have been made by people I know, so I may be biased. However, on the servers I've played, they've been classics for everyone. I think I heard somewhere that mg_yotagames had already been on the server once and was removed. If you guys would be willing, try it again. In the case of mg_hype, I know that mg_hype2 is on the server, and I just wanted to make sure everyone knows that mg_hype and mg_hype2 are separate maps with different minigames, despite being made by the same person. I just hope it isn't the case that you removed mg_hype because someone thought mg_hype2 was an updated version. Thanks, yourselvs P.S. mg_krane_multigames has a couple major issues at the moment, but the update is waiting to be uploaded to the server. Hopefully that can get taken care of quickly!
  3. Hello! I have been playing Minigames for a solid week now and I would maybe like to give a few map/regular suggestions! Let us start with: MAPS: mg_pirates_b1 mg_just_multigames mg_mikis_multigames mg_sky_dust mg_emparlana_multigames_csgo_v1 mg_struses_games_csgo_v2_1 mg_copter_tower_v3_beta2 mg_yota_multigames mg_hype_fixed mg_viking_warfare_fix1 Above is a list of potential maps that can be tested for the MiniGames server. I have looked into all of them and I think if they are tested they will be put to go good use. Server: As far as the server I noticed just a few things that under consideration may or may not be fixed. - The random knife: On certain maps players are sometimes able to obtain a knife which is then used to kill others. Not all but few use it intentionally even after told not to. Not sure if this can be fixed! - !sm: !sm is a command you can use in text chat that you can mute people if you wish to not hear them. !sm stands for Self Mute and I think it will be very useful if someone finds another player either annoying or can be mic spamming when an SNG official is not currently on the server to mute them. - shop: This last suggestion is not something that would really bother me but since I know it is a thing I will address it. I think that having to be a certain rank to buy items like a model should not be there. I think certain models should be for VIP's but rather than that I think there should be player models for non-VIPs. No matter the price a player model for all would be nice. Thanks!: I would like to give thanks to everyone who took the time to read this! These are just somethings that I think can be implemented. Then again the server is fine the way it is but, I would really love to see some of these new maps listed above to come in. All can agree or disagree just give me friendly feedback EDIT: I will be adding to this if any of the community members or I bring up something valid to point out! Once again all feedback helps! warmpillows suck.
  4. If you have ever done a TP run you know how annoying it is when the vote comes up and you try to either checkpoint or teleport, only to hear the vote sound and realize you just voted for a map. Some servers are set so that when the vote comes up, 1 and 2 do nothing and map voting begins on 3. I don't know enough about Kz server plugins specifically so I don't know how this would be put in, but it doesn't seem too difficult. Lets get this done!
  5. Hey guys, So I've come up with some server suggestions for Deathrun. Maps So lately it seems as if the amount of players we get on Deathrun isn't as many as it used to be. Maybe I'm just not online at the right times, but it still seems like the popularity has dropped quite a bit. Part of this is obviously because of the new TTT server, but not all of it. Here and there I hear people say they are gonna look for a new Deathrun server to play on simply because SNG Deathrun "gets boring". Usually they say it's boring because the same maps are always played over and over again and new maps are rarely added. Personally, I'm happy with the maps we play right now. I feel if we added more maps to the server, the popular maps as of right now will become less and less played. That could be good and bad. Some people would come back to keep playing different maps and such, but others might stop playing because their favorite maps aren't played as much as they would like. I guess what I'm saying here is adding new maps to Deathrun could benefit the server, but it's not a priority. Of course I really have no say what so ever in what happens to the Deathrun server, all I can do is make suggestions. T/CT Team Switching Another thing I'd like to see, is some sort of system that denies T's from switching to CT. I'm not sure how this would work, I'm not sure if this is even a possibility or not. But lots of times switching teams will happen during a map, and the map will end sooner than if everyone just played the way they were supposed to. RTV Issues The thing at the top of my priority list in this post is this: When a map gets RTV'd, the next map vote pops up and everyone votes. Once the voting is over, the map will instantly change to the next map, even during the middle of a round. For example: I'm speedrunning a map, the map gets RTV'd and switches during my run. I was wondering if there is any way we could make this so that if a map gets RTV'd, it will wait to change maps until the current round ends. I've noticed that course is like this, if a map gets RTV'd the map won't change until the round ends. Also, I've noticed that the issue when a T runs to the end of a map and grabs a weapon to shoot the CT's while they run the map has died down lately. Idk if the maps were altered to prevent this from happening or if it just stopped happening. So thanks if y'all changed anything to prevent. Sorry if I worded some of this badly and it didn't make sense. Let me know if you noticed any typos and or grammatical errors, ill try to fix them. And sorry if it was too similar to @Bastrix's suggestion post. Suggestions: (in a simpler form) New maps (maybe replaced with old ones that aren't played) Stop T's from switching to CT RTV map change doesn't take place until round end New Deathrun Operator Fix broken traps Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this post. And thanks to all the staff for caring about the Deathrun server. It's easily my favorite SNG server, and I'll keep playing it as long as I can.
  6. This is strictly for suggestions to improve the kz server
  7. I do thank @chicken007 for the new rules but I do have some questions and problems with them. while I was looking through them I saw some I have issues with and would like to bring up. #2a it would be good to specifically state the time that if no one becomes warden it becomes a free day. #2c "Wardens are not aloud to restrict jumping for convective orders..." I don't agree with this while I was playing JB the warden told T's to shift walk follow warden. So I was shift walking and started to bhop im still holding shift i was warned I would be slain because it's not considered shit walking because I'm exceeding the speed limit but yet I can also boho while holding crouch yet I'm still to be considered crouch walking. So not being able to restrict jumping for the round until otherwise told different I don't get why have rule 2c and also not aloud to bhop makes no sense Terrorists are supposed to be sneaky and find all the ways they can to kill the CTs... #2j I highly disagree with this rule allowing wardens to AFK freeze stops Ts in their tracks if the Warden is in deep trouble and about to be trapped or killed allowing CTs to move around and not have a T turn and kill them IMO it should be aloud only once per round or once per warden of the other dies along with when the warden dies the Ts shod have to be AFK frozen for 5-7 seconds allowing another CT to take control of the situation and type !w. #3b this should be removed armoury should always be restricted to Ts that's the fun of Ts are aloud in armoury it's pretty much round over allowing them to over run the CTs All #9 I disagree with this I personally like what Tango did adding a Late Night allowing Last CT but other than that I hate Last CT just letting the last CT go for a free for all murder spree don't find that fun. #15 I hate the 2 LRs Lr stands for "Last Request" meaning that the last person on the terrorist team gets to use !lr not 2 people that's what IMO makes JB fun having to out smart not only the CTs but your fellow Ts. I was also told by an admin that cheatin is implied I highly disagree here Ts are sneaky conniving players and if the CT isn't listening or asks for a repeat of the Ts !lr rules it's fair game because the CT doesn't want to listen or ask for a repeat like a T does when a warden is giving his or her orders. Something to be added when a T has a gun they have to be told by a CT calling that players name to drop that gun but they should have about 5 seconds to drop a pistol and 3 for a primary gun #17 all gun should be restricted from the hands of Ts and #17a non lethal grenades should be aloud because they do not deal any harm or threat to the CTs. All minigames in JB only the warden should be aloud to kill Ts unless said otherwise allowing CTs to kill the Ts who lost the game for example in Spy vs Spy the climb if they don't win the CTs also get to kill the Ts who have lost if the warden says "CTs may kill" kinda thing. I'm not 100% sure if the dead can talk to the living in JB but it would be smart to making it like Casual only living talk to living and dead to dead kinda deal. Thank you for reading if you have any questions, confusion, or suggestions to anything here just tag me in your comment and net I'm on the forums I'll do my best to help and explain anything needed. @iCamp @near3 @Pedro Deuces
  8. Going based off the suggestions in this thread; I believe we should also take on the r8 as either an addition or a replacement to the deagle roundvote as it is not so bad on the ears with everyone feeling the need to spam their deagle.
  9. Kz_rise, that map is very original and amazing to learn. Timescape is a great map too however I'm not sure if that one is in the rotation yet or not.
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