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Found 10 results

  1. Hello! We've finally fixed, adjusted and improved on the map timers. We as well have a place to track times for the maps and for yourself. Now, whenever you finish a map it'll show in chat. If you happen to have the fastest time it will show all players that you achieved that map's world record time as well as a sound byte to go with. we also added a command to check times for the map and yourself. If you do /viewtimes it'll give you options for the current map or all maps. then viewing overall best times or personal best times and lastly showing the records
  2. I'm proud to announce the new TTT Update. A few changes are not enabled yet and a few other changes are just interesting for developers. List of all commits from previous version and the new one. Added: [Travis-CI] SourceMod 1.10 as new build enviroment [New] Models plugin [New] Random Teleporter (for 5k) [New] Turret Plugin (for 12k) [New] Simple Tripmines (for 5k) [New] Support for forked servers [New] Nightvision (for 3k) [New] Drop Weapons (for 10k / 6 seconds in a radius of 400 units) [Forward] TTT_OnPlayerDeath and TT
  3. Today I am pleased to announce the release of our new TAS Style. TAS means Tool Assisted Speedrun, the idea is to try to get the most optimized time possible. The TAS style allows you to use the TAS menu, which lets you "rewind", "pause", and "fastforward", allowing you to optimize every single jump of your route. New Commands: !tas - Switches you to the TAS style(also can be done through the style selector, !style). !tasmenu - Toggles the visibility of your TAS menu. Video example of the TAS plugin: https://youtu.be/zBKrHi5w-1M If you have any questions feel fre
  4. Soon I plan to release another update to my timer, I plan to improve the methods of getting statistics regarding players times, and other general improvements. Planned Changes: Adding an official change log Actually updating version numbers Better more improved timer ranking statistics So what's the point of me saying I am updating the timer before I release it? I want to know what timer statistics you guys would be interested in being able to view. Examples: Better method that is less convoluted for checking players PB on other maps. checking maps
  5. Today I am pleased to announce that we have released yet another update to course. Map Related Changes: Fixed only having 2 spawn points mg_waytobar_course mg_labo_course_v2 mg_Nebo2_course mg_basement_course_final mg_rfix_saw64 Added/Fixed Zones mg_beastmario_course_v1 mg_nxr_course_csgo mg_simple_course_fixed_v1 mg_enw_course_v1
  6. Today I am pleased to announce that we have added another feature to the deathrun server, Roll The Dice. Command(s): !Dice - Rolls the Dice. Can only be used once per round. Costs 500 Credits. Possible Rolls: Drugs Burn 1.65x Speed Rocket Nothing Long Jump -50 Health +50 Health 0.65x Speed Nothing Half Gravity Twice Gravity
  7. Today I am pleased to announce that we have added another update to course. Map Related Changes: Fixed only having 2 spawn points mg_adev mg_princess_circlecourse_x3 mg_course_clear_v2_1 mg_epileptic_course mg_minecraft_course_JB_N1_fix mg_atomic_lab_final_v1 mg_legohouse_course_easy Added/Fixed Zones mg_bananas_pineapple_fix mg_keiz_course_v3 mg_egypt
  8. Today I am pleased to announce that we have finally released an update to the course server! New Features/Bug Fixes: New Timer 128 Tick Replay Bots New Styles Retry Bug Fixed Both Teams Work Other minor bug fixes and improvements If you have any questions feel free to ask me on steam or reply below.
  9. The course server is going down for a little while as I'm installing the new timer from bhop on the course server. If you have any questions, fell free to ask me on steam or reply below.
  10. Today I am pleased to announce that I have fixed all the known TAS and HUD bugs in addition to revamping the Timer chat color scheme! New Features/Bug Fixes: Fixed all known TAS bugs Fixed all known HUD bugs Complete redesign of the Timer chat color scheme If you have any questions feel free to ask me on steam or reply below.